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PINHi there!  I’m Alison!  I’m the mother of three adorable little babes and wife to one adorable not-so-little husband.

My photography journey has been a long one, and I’m finally happy to have it evolve into my art and vision.  I’m a risk taker, and that shows in my photographs.  I like edgy, moody, emotional, raw images.  If you’re looking for the perfectly posed family portrait, I’m probably not your gal!  My goal is to make each session fun and emotional, then have that translate into fine art you can happily and proudly display in your home.  Wouldn’t it be kind of awkward to have a large canvas of a stuffy family portrait displayed in your home?  I think so!  So instead, we are going to capture the feeling you have with the people you love…something much more memorable and hang-worthy.

I happily call Easton, Maryland my home.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t love to travel.  I will gladly follow you around the world photographing your every event, if you’ll have me.

I specialize in children, family and maternity and newborn photography.  The moments of this special time in your life need to be documented, as our memories are oh so fleeting.

I love building friendships with my clients.  This really helps me get to know you and be able to pull from you the emotion you’re looking for.  I really love fun and uninhibited people!  You all make for the best pictures!  While sitting down editing, I find myself laughing, getting teary eyed, and grinning ear to ear as if you all were my own.  And I live to provide you with the same emotion when you see your pictures for the first time.

While I have several locations at my disposal, including a studio I call home, choosing a place that’s important to you really helps add to your story.  I’m happy to travel anywhere and go to great heights (quite literally…Jenny, remember that time you put me in a tractor bucket and raised me high above your family?) to capture that perfect shot.  I’ll go deep in the water, roll around in mud, get ticks, stings, pricks and prods, for one shot.  Having three kids of my own, I love getting down on their level, playing, and really taking my time to evoke their natural personalities.

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